URL-World Decisions

With the launch of this newly designed website, I needed to decide on an address. My professional name that I’ve always used is Stephen Wise (though in person, I always go by Steve), so all my credits show up as Stephen–my first published book, Portals of the Mind, has me credited as such as well as my film projects. However, stephenwise.com would cost me $888 a year. So I had a choice whether to insert my middle initial into it or add something like “author” or “writer” or “filmmaker” or “forrealsies” after my name in the URL. It’s recommended to have your website be the same as your published name so as not to confuse the public. I chose to go with stephenjwise.com, so does that mean that I have to now start calling myself Stephen J. Wise? I guess there are worse things in life. It would separate me from the Nazi-fighting rabbi of the 20th century and the Republican Florida State Senator who share my name.