Finding Our Fandoms

Over the past two weekends, my cohorts at Kinematic Entertainment and I have been in production for the new series of commercials for Pensacon: Pensacola Comic Con 2016. This is the third year in a row that I’ve either produced or directed (or both) commercials for Pensacon, and I’ve won three Silver Addy Awards for my efforts. Last year’s ad was challenging because we had a hundred cosplayers in a field “battling” each other in intense heat while in full costume. It was epic and turned out quite good. This year, we decided to challenge ourselves in an entirely different way by deciding to do a series of five 30-second spots, each one directed by a different staff member. So Ben Galecki, Jason Thomsen, Will Phillips, Katherine Bishop, and I all took turns not only directing but also acting in various roles such as producer (not me this time, fortunately), director of photography, assistant producer, and even sound mixer. We had an amazing cast and wonderful crew, which made this experience very memorable and surprisingly easy to shoot. Now it’s time for me to make sense of it all in editing!