Dragon Con


As the Programming Director of Pensacon, I feel compelled to visit other conventions to see how they handle the organization of their event and to learn what they do right and how to avoid their mistakes, and–

Oh, who am I fooling? I am a nerd and love cons as much as the next geek. Fortunately, I am surrounded with my kind at work, so the entire Pensacon staff has traveled to Atlanta to attend Dragon Con, possibly the largest comic book/science fiction/fandom convention in the east (though New York Comic Con might one-up it in that regard).

I am looking forward to meeting previous and future Pensacon guests, some of whom I’ve become friends with. Also, Dragon Con has a great program of panels, something that I always love going to. And actually, it does help me with my convention job. I am happy to have discovered that this year in particular, Dragon Con has a strong writing track, so I will be sitting in on a good many discussions from professional writers and perhaps learning a trick or two.

For the record, this convention is also huge into parties, and I am not much of a party-goer. So maybe in the evenings, I’ll have a little time to write…