2015 Creative Arts Emmys

On September 12, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences presented the winners of the 2015 Creative Arts Emmys. While not as glamorous as the Prime Time Emmys with all the stars and spectacle, this set of awards honors a lot of the people who make what you see on the small screen magical. Going … More 2015 Creative Arts Emmys

Dragon Con and Panels

At conventions such as Dragon Con (as well as Pensacon, where I am on staff), there is so much to do that you can’t possibly see it all–mainly because multiple things happen at once. Most people only think of cons in a singular sense, meaning they go to buy things at the vendor floor, or … More Dragon Con and Panels

Dragon Con

As the Programming Director of Pensacon, I feel compelled to visit other conventions to see how they handle the organization of their event and to learn what they do right and how to avoid their mistakes, and– Oh, who am I fooling? I am a nerd and love cons as much as the next geek. … More Dragon Con

Obsessive Reading

I’ve always been an obsessive reader. When I find an author that I enjoy, I read everything I can from that writer. As a kid, I compulsively read the books of Agatha Christie–in particular the Hercule Poirot mysteries. I was actually introduced to those novels through the film adaptations of Murder on the Orient Express and Death … More Obsessive Reading

Formula vs. Creativity

The business of writing is a finicky one. Whether you’re a novelist, a screenwriter, a blogger, a journalist, or any other kind of writer, you are usually judged by your first success. I suppose this is the same with any creative arts (some friends of mine who made a highly successful horror film found it … More Formula vs. Creativity

Hugo Awards and Politics

This past weekend, August 21-23 to be precise, Worldcon took place in Spokane, WA. This annual convention is the home of the Hugo Awards, one of the most prestigious recognitions in science fiction. This year, the Hugos have been surrounded by controversy due to an organization headed by previous nominees called the Sad Puppies (and … More Hugo Awards and Politics

Newsletter Signup

A reliable source instructed me that I need to have a newsletter that I email out to subscribers on a regular basis. The newsletter will update people on my projects, activities, and whatever else of interest might be happening in my life (professionally, that is–I don’t think anyone cares what I had for breakfast each … More Newsletter Signup

Finding Our Fandoms

Over the past two weekends, my cohorts at Kinematic Entertainment and I have been in production for the new series of commercials for Pensacon: Pensacola Comic Con 2016. This is the third year in a row that I’ve either produced or directed (or both) commercials for Pensacon, and I’ve won three Silver Addy Awards for … More Finding Our Fandoms

Facebook Likes

In the first day, my Facebook author’s page has gotten close to 200 likes. Pretty cool. I figured I’d be hovering around 16 or so. Thanks to everyone who has shown support so far. Spread the word and get your friends to like the page to keep up with news about my projects and other … More Facebook Likes

URL-World Decisions

With the launch of this newly designed website, I needed to decide on an address. My professional name that I’ve always used is Stephen Wise (though in person, I always go by Steve), so all my credits show up as Stephen–my first published book, Portals of the Mind, has me credited as such as well … More URL-World Decisions