Before “Batman Begins”: Secret History of the Movies That Almost Got Made

Stephen Wise and his co-writer Lee Shapiro were interviewed for the Hollywood Reporter regarding their screenplay Batman: DarKnight for the article “Before Batman Begins: Secret History of the Movies That Almost Got Made” by Aaron Couch. Read all about their involvement in the Batman series of films and how their screenplay was requested and ultimately passed over for other Batman films before Christopher Nolan’s trilogy was produced.

Excerpt from the article:

Four films and eight years after Tim Burton successfully brought Batman to the big screen, Joel Shumacher‘s Batman & Robin became the first major miss for The Dark Knight.

The film was panned by fans and critics alike, and while Schumacher had a fifth Batman film planned (a draft of a script was nearly complete), it soon became apparent he would be exiting the franchise.

Warner Bros. was unsure where to take the Caped Crusader next, and for the next six years a slew of filmmakers came and went, each with their own take on the Dark Knight. Hot talent like Frank Miller, Darren Aronofsky, Se7en‘s Andrew Kevin Walker and a pair of untested screenwriters took their shots…

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