Before The Dark Knight Rises – 10 Batman Films That Never Were

The screenplay for a proposed Batman movie that Stephen Wise co-wrote with Lee Shapiro entitled Batman: DarKnight was discussed in the What Culture article “Before The Dark Knight Rises – 10 Batman Films That Never Were” by Tommy Marques.

Excerpt from article:

In late 1998, after the disastrous release of ‘Batman and Robin’, Warner Bros. decided to change their approach to the Batman franchise and scrapped plans for Batman Triumphant. As Schmaucher wanted The Dark Knight Returns adaptation, Warner Bros listened somewhat and turned to rookies Lee Shapiro and Stephen Wise to pitch a new sequel idea, returning the character to his dark, edgier routes.

The idea involved Bruce Wayne abandoning his role as Gotham’s protector – realising that he had lost his greatest weapon against his enemies – fear. Dick Grayson, now at Gotham University, comes face to face with…

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