Crooks Poster

In a satire of Cops, a video crew follows three different criminals as they explain to the viewing audience their craft while actually conducting their illegal activities.  The criminals include an “observer”, a “funds transferer”, and a “reallocator of wealth”.

  • Directed by Stephen Wise. Written by Lee Shapiro & Stephen Wise. Produced by Matthew Anconetani and Matthew Books.
  • Cast: Lee Shapiro, Jennifer Fishbeck, Tim Steward, Tim Gwynn, Matthew Books, and Girr the Dog.
  • Shot on Mini-DV
  • Running time: 6:11
  • Produced in 2004

[This was produced for the 2004 O-36 Video Race and won 5 awards: Best in Show, Best Director for Stephen Wise, Best Actor for Lee Shapiro, Best Use of Dialogue for Stephen Wise and Lee Shapiro, and Best Use of Genre.  It also aired as a segment of the TV series Comedy Night School and was an official selection of the Melbourne Independent Film Festival.]