From the Ashes


A world-wide phenomenon renders most of the world’s population blind.  A 12-year-old boy must search for his parents through the remains of our society, meeting a variety of people along the way who deal with this upheaval in their own ways.  They include a man trying to organize salvation for others, a woman traveling with her son to find help, a man blind since birth, an old survivalist, and a recently blind woman who has gone insane.

  • Directed by Stephen Wise.  Written by Lee Shapiro & Stephen Wise.  Produced by Lee Shapiro.
  • Cast: Cory Marti, Curtis Causey, Ryan Cimino, Kyle Jackson, Gary Norris, Tina Sacco, Frank Taylor, Jennifer Fishbeck, Creagen Dow
  • Shot on Mini-DV
  • Running time: 28:09
  • Produced in 2002

[This is a short version of a feature-length screenplay, illustrating several episodes from the larger story.  It was an official selection of the 2004 Putnam County Film & Video Festival.]