Holy Franchise, Batman! Bringing The Caped Crusader to the Screen (Part Three)

The screenplay for a proposed Batman movie that Stephen Wise co-wrote with Lee Shapiro entitled Batman: DarKnight was discussed in the Flickering Myth article “Holy Franchise, Batman! Bringing The Caped Crusader to the Screen (Part Three)” by Gary Collins [August 20, 2010].

Excerpt from the article:

While the Batman franchise was enjoying a prolonged spell of creativity and popularity throughout the 80s and 90s, the release of the much-maligned Batman & Robin (1997) looked to have steered the series towards a disastrous conclusion. With the movie franchise in tatters, it was clear that Warner Bros. had lost sight of the character and were in need of a complete overhaul. The next few years would prove difficult for fans with constant and often unsubstantiated rumours as to what direction – if any – the series was headed, along with a number of proposed projects that ultimately failed to get off the ground.

After giving filmmaker Joel Schumacher the green light to start working on a fourth movie during the theatrical run of Batman Forever, Warner Bros. took this one step further when they began developing the next sequel…

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