One Local Shares Voyage to “Jurassic World”

Stephen Wise was fortunate to have spent seven days as a background performer on Jurassic World, which became the third highest-grossing movies internationally of all time. He shares his experience with the Pensacola News Journal in the article “One Local Shares Voyage to Jurassic World” by Julio Diaz.

Excerpt from the article:

Many viewers may wish they could take a voyage to “Jurassic World” — well, at least until the dinosaurs escape and start destroying everything and eating everyone in sight. (And if you’re complaining about spoilers: Come on, this is the fourth “Jurassic Park” film, and if you don’t expect dino disasters, why are you seeing this movie?)

But unlike most film-goers eagerly awaiting the release of this sci-fi blockbuster, Stephen Wise actually spent a week in “Jurassic World,” working as a background actor (or an “extra”).

Wise, who has a film degree from the University of Central Florida and who works as a producer and director for Pensacola-based Kinematic Entertainment, answered a casting call for the film, which shot in New Orleans, and…

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