Pensacon – Darth Vader at Play

In this commercial for Pensacon: Pensacola Comic Con 2014, Darth Vader strikes fear in the hearts of a collection of characters from geek culture as he enters a bar to order his favorite drink.

  • Directed by Stephen Wise and Will Phillips.  Produced by Stephen Wise, Courtney Hagans, and Will Phillips.  Executive Producer Ben Galecki.  Written by Courtney Hagans, Ben Galecki, Manda Manning, Will Phillips, and Stephen Wise.
  • Cast: Jonathan McIntosh, Jonathan Antone, Lemmie Crews, Kevin Gaddie, David Stewart, Ron Hancock, Peggy Moshell, Connie Fleming, Chris Vallia, Nathan Burns, Joey Boo, Elva Osk, Brian Varley, Amber Bacardi Varley, Nicholas Giberson, LaVonne French.
  • Shot in HD
  • Running time: 1:28
  • Produced in 2013