Pensacon – Visit Pensacon

This is a commercial for Pensacon 2014, a comic book, science fiction, and horror convention held in Pensacola, FL.  It was a shot-for-shot recreation of a controversial ad for Visit Pensacola, but made satirical by using geek culture references.

  • Directed by Stephen Wise and Will Phillips. Written by Ben Galecki, Courtney Hagans, Manda Manning, Will Phillips, and Stephen Wise. Produced by Stephen Wise, Manda Manning, and Will Phillips.  Executive Producer Ben Galecki
  • Cast: Courtney Hagans, Chris Vallia, Melanie Watson, Ashley Waner, Derek Nelson, Lemmie Crews, Anakin Mote, Gabe Gemeund, Elva Osk, Jacob Roupe
  • Shot on HD
  • Running time: 0:33
  • Produced in 2013

[This won a 2014 Silver Addy.]