Slasher: A Day in the Life

Slasher Poster (FB)

What happens in the daily life of a masked serial killer when he’s not hacking up teenagers?  It just may be that he has a mundane existence like everyone else.

  • Directed by Stephen Wise.  Written by Matt Berbano, Justin Cortes, Michael Fluker, Brendon Knapp, Lenny Lamastus, Travis Petty, Jon Ramos, Michael Rochkind, Zabdiel Rodriguez, Stephen Wise.  Produced by Stephen Wise and Michael Rochkind.
  • Cast: Zabdiel Rodriguez, Travis Petty, Matt Berbano, Lenny Lamastus, Brendon Knapp, Michael Fluker, Jon Ramos
  • Shot on Mini-DV
  • Running time: 5:47
  • Produced in 2009

[This was produced as an entry in the 2009 24-Hour Orlando Film Festival and garnered a rave review from Orlando Sentinel critic Roger Moore.  It also was an official selection in the 2011 Giggleshorts International Comedy Short Film Festival in Toronto.]