The Melting Man

Detective Peale had dealt with Todd and Lori Harlin over the years, as their drinking often turned to violence toward one another. One night, Todd confesses to Peale that he has killed his wife, then weaves a tale about a mysterious substance he found in a warehouse and its horrific effects when exposed to flesh. … More The Melting Man

Batman: DarKnight

Written by Lee Shapiro and Stephen Wise, this screenplay was intended to be the fifth film in the series begun by Tim Burton’s Batman and was to return the tone to dark and serious. Warner Bros. optioned Batman DarKnight and had it in development for two years before deciding to move on to “reboot” the series. … More Batman: DarKnight

Portals of the Mind

“See those little circles there? Those are portals to another dimension.” After this wild declaration, 14-year-old Max’s Weird Uncle Bob disappears. Then the teen receives strange messages over his electronic devices. He believes they are from his uncle, who has traveled beyond the boundaries of our known universe–a plane of existence that Max intends to … More Portals of the Mind