A vampire hunter meets his match when he discovers a young woman chained in an abandoned building and soon finds himself surrounded by the undead. Directed by Courtney Hagans and Will Phillips.  Written by Courtney Hagans & Max Nadsady.  Produced by Stephen Wise, Courtney Hagans, and Max Nadsady. Cast: Elva Osk, Nathan Burns, Heather Edelman, … More Shackled


A chain-smoker takes his teenage son camping in hopes to bond with him.  However, when he suffers a heart attack, the boy must do what he can to save his father’s life. Written and Directed by Stephen Wise.  Produced by Michael Rochkind. Cast: Max Watson, Pete Penuel, Tasha Wise Shot on HD Running time: 14:23 … More Tribulation

Slasher: A Day in the Life

What happens in the daily life of a masked serial killer when he’s not hacking up teenagers?  It just may be that he has a mundane existence like everyone else. Directed by Stephen Wise.  Written by Matt Berbano, Justin Cortes, Michael Fluker, Brendon Knapp, Lenny Lamastus, Travis Petty, Jon Ramos, Michael Rochkind, Zabdiel Rodriguez, Stephen … More Slasher: A Day in the Life


A group of middle school students break into their school during summer vacation and find an old amulet that turns one of them into a zombie.  He then proceeds to zombify the others one by one. Directed by Stephen Wise.  Written by Gabriel Brown, Zac Ceccoli, Tyler Conrady, Diego Cortes, Travis Petty, Diego Torrez, Michael … More Zombification


In a satire of Cops, a video crew follows three different criminals as they explain to the viewing audience their craft while actually conducting their illegal activities.  The criminals include an “observer”, a “funds transferer”, and a “reallocator of wealth”. Directed by Stephen Wise. Written by Lee Shapiro & Stephen Wise. Produced by Matthew Anconetani … More Crooks

From the Ashes

A world-wide phenomenon renders most of the world’s population blind.  A 12-year-old boy must search for his parents through the remains of our society, meeting a variety of people along the way who deal with this upheaval in their own ways.  They include a man trying to organize salvation for others, a woman traveling with … More From the Ashes

Ice Blue

An alcoholic mystery author discovers that his wife, a college professor, is cheating on him with a student and turns to the bottle and his gun collection for solace.  What he doesn’t know is that his wife and her lover plan to murder him in order to gain control over his rights to his work … More Ice Blue