Fan Films and Copyright

When I was eleven, my friends and I made a Super-8 knock-off of Star Wars that we creatively entitled “Galactic Wars”. It had a “cantina” scene, aliens made with papier-mâché masks, spaceships, and a light saber duel that looked surprisingly good. We entered it into a film contest hosted by CineMagic magazine and received honorable … More Fan Films and Copyright

Cinematic Universes

The biggest trend in film these days is the desire to build “cinematic universes”. What does that mean exactly? Simply put, it’s where a number of stand-alone movies are somehow linked together and take place in the same existence, so a character in one movie can appear in another that would otherwise be unrelated, or … More Cinematic Universes

Speculative Fiction

People often want to lump science fiction, fantasy, and horror together because there is a certain amount of crossover. Strictly speaking, science fiction is exactly as it says–fiction based on science. Fantasy is anything outside the realm of reality, usually dealing with magic or worlds and characters that cannot possibly exist in our understanding of … More Speculative Fiction

Fandom and Obsession

I freely admit that I’m a nerd. For my entire life, I’ve been into Star Wars and Star Trek and am a huge aficionado of science fiction, fantasy, and horror both in print and on the screen. I love comic books, animation, and genre art. Many of the stories I’ve written and films I’ve made … More Fandom and Obsession

Generational Star Trek

It seems that with fans of Star Trek (I will refrain from referring to them as Trekkies or even Trekkers), you can tell what generation they belong to based on which series or era they align themselves to. For instance, older fans may only be interested in the exploits of Captain Kirk and Mister Spock, … More Generational Star Trek

Obsessive Reading

I’ve always been an obsessive reader. When I find an author that I enjoy, I read everything I can from that writer. As a kid, I compulsively read the books of Agatha Christie–in particular the Hercule Poirot mysteries. I was actually introduced to those novels through the film adaptations of Murder on the Orient Express and Death … More Obsessive Reading